A short story

A song of the moon

This is a short story about Yui, a young girl, and her rabbit. Wait… are those magical stairs leading to the moon?


One night when the moon was full, the girl woke up and heard a strange song.

She looked around her room and saw her rabbit jumping out of her window!

She quickly looked outside and to her surprise the rabbit was jumping on magical stairs leading strait to the moon.

Yui decided to follow him and the strange music…


When Yui arrived at the moon she found a quite town.

There was nobody there.

But all along she heard the strange song…


Suddenly her rabbit appeared. He was wearing clothes and standing upright just like her!

He said: “I was waiting for you… Lets go to the moon party!”


There were many rabbits there; and they were all celebrating the full Moon with music, dancing and delicious dumplings.

What better place to celebrate the full moon then on the moon itself?

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